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Sea Monster Wall Hanging

The sea monster was my very first drawing in Haida art. I did not practice or take any drawing courses before attempting this piece. It was challenging as it was a huge piece and I basically had to figure out how to construct the hanging from start to finish, taking into consideration of drawing for the “first” time, making a template, cutting out a design from the thickness of melton […]

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Artist Statement for piece called “Twilight” Working with Fabrics for this art piece was a process of delicately piecing together imagery to form creative Haida art design with quilting appliqué techniques. There are many uncertainties with textile art. Sewing visualizations can often change in the creation process. The enjoyment in that is there are no boundaries and this allows for a certain fluidity to the art. This combining of fabrics, […]

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To appreciate the Art, it is important to understand the structures of their social system. All Haida are born either “Ravens” or “Eagles”. The determination of moiety is established by the mother’s affiliation. Within the moiety are lineages; associations to these lineages are several crests, legends and Haida names. The legends associated with the Art may not be known, as it originates in the artist mind. It is of great […]

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Totem Poles

Bill Reid totem pole

Totem poles represented family lineages and privileges; they told the story of the people that lived in the houses. Chiefs competed with other chiefs with having taller and more detailed totem poles. Carvers were in great demand to create these rich works of Art. There are different types of totem poles, each with a different function: Mortuary poles were used for high-ranking individuals or chiefs. These poles had large cavities […]

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