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Sea Monster Wall Hanging

The sea monster was my very first drawing in Haida art. I did not practice or take any drawing courses before attempting this piece. It was challenging as it was a huge piece and I basically had to figure out how to construct the hanging from start to finish, taking into consideration of drawing for the “first” time, making a template, cutting out a design from the thickness of melton […]

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To appreciate the Art, it is important to understand the structures of their social system. All Haida are born either “Ravens” or “Eagles”. The determination of moiety is established by the mother’s affiliation. Within the moiety are lineages; associations to these lineages are several crests, legends and Haida names. The legends associated with the Art may not be known, as it originates in the artist mind. It is of great […]

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Chiefs and Shamans

In the days of the ancestors the Haida class systems were based on wealth and rank, which was finalized at potlatches. The chiefs position was his rank and the social structure determined the rank of others. Through the adoption of rich relatives, few people had no status at all. There were chiefs of Eagle or Raven lineages and villages, each inheriting his position from a brother or uncle. To maintain […]

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