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Sea Monster Wall Hanging

The sea monster was my very first drawing in Haida art. I did not practice or take any drawing courses before attempting this piece. It was challenging as it was a huge piece and I basically had to figure out how to construct the hanging from start to finish, taking into consideration of drawing for the “first” time, making a template, cutting out a design from the thickness of melton […]

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Eagle jacket

I created this jacket with an eagle design on the back and front of a very large collar. This was my first attempt at drawing Haida art for clothing. I thought it was rather mundane, and it hung in the closet for about a year before I even wore it. I designed both the Haida art and the jacket style. Made from 100% wool for the jacket and cashmere for […]

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Eagle Raven Button Blanket

Eagle Raven design by Norman Price

The eagle raven Haida design was created by my dad, Norman Price. He painted it as a light cover, and put it up on his living room ceiling. I took a picture of it, and created this button blanket from the template I made. I had this piece for several years, and decided when my dad got cancer ,he was going to be buried with it. The design is his […]

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