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My home in Haida Gwaii

Sunbeam home views

In the summer of 2011, my home arrived on a truck from the mainland. It was the largest project I had ever tackled, and it was certainly stressful once everything had been delivered…I thought, “What have I gotten myself into?” But once the house was underway it became easier, and I actually enjoyed pounding nails, and piecing the house together. Shadow Fury was amazing as a first time builder, he […]

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The Weeping Totem of Tanu

The Weeping Totem Pole stands on the Islands of Tanu in the Queen Charlotte group and is about a hundred years old. It shows a figure of a man shedding streams of tears. This is knows as the Weeping Totem Pole of Tanu. The legend of the Weeping Totem of Tanu was told long before the white man came. When Chief Always-Laughs ruled the people of the Northern Isle of […]

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