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Sea Monster Wall Hanging

The sea monster was my very first drawing in Haida art. I did not practice or take any drawing courses before attempting this piece. It was challenging as it was a huge piece and I basically had to figure out how to construct the hanging from start to finish, taking into consideration of drawing for the “first” time, making a template, cutting out a design from the thickness of melton […]

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Eagle Raven Button Blanket

Eagle Raven design by Norman Price

The eagle raven Haida design was created by my dad, Norman Price. He painted it as a light cover, and put it up on his living room ceiling. I took a picture of it, and created this button blanket from the template I made. I had this piece for several years, and decided when my dad got cancer ,he was going to be buried with it. The design is his […]

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Bentwood box design

This was a first for me. I created this bentwood box hanging design, and wanted it to look like a print. The hanging is made from 100% wool and with shell button embellishments. I made the piece specifically for the Sooke Fine Arts Show, and it got turned down at adjudication. My friend had an incredible piece that was turned down as well, due to the adjudicators style of art. […]

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Butterfly Design Blazer

This butterfly design was created for my long time friend from Victoria, BC. The artist is Rick Adkins from Vancouver BC. My friend Judy Heide, also from Victoria, constructed the blazer, and I created the butterfly template and stitched the design onto the garment. The jacket is made from cashmere fabric, worn by Carol. Pictures taken in Vancouver BC at Fred Davis’s art show, and in Washington, DC

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