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Eagle Raven Button Blanket

Eagle Raven design by Norman Price

The eagle raven Haida design was created by my dad, Norman Price. He painted it as a light cover, and put it up on his living room ceiling. I took a picture of it, and created this button blanket from the template I made. I had this piece for several years, and decided when my dad got cancer ,he was going to be buried with it. The design is his […]

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Around 1860, the Haida ancestors suffered at the hand of outsiders, when small pox was brought from Victoria to the Queen Charlotte Islands. Ninety percent of the population was wiped out. In 1884 the Canadian Government outlawed the potlatch and along with it went the culture. Items associated with potlatches such as bowls, ladles, masks, headdresses and all dance regalia were no longer needed. Artists died without passing on their […]

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Haida Potlatching

Northwest Coast Tribes practice the potlatches and the purpose is to redistribute wealth. The potlatch represented an important event such as the raising of totem poles or the naming of chiefs or individuals. Names were usually given away in the presence of people. Several different names were given to one person, and some were related to reaching adulthood. When a person was adopted they were given a name and a […]

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