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Artist Statement for piece called “Twilight” Working with Fabrics for this art piece was a process of delicately piecing together imagery to form creative Haida art design with quilting appliqué techniques. There are many uncertainties with textile art. Sewing visualizations can often change in the creation process. The enjoyment in that is there are no boundaries and this allows for a certain fluidity to the art. This combining of fabrics, […]

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Haida Heritage Centre

Haida Heritage Centre at Kay Llnagaay, Skidegate, Haida Gwaii BC. I experimented with making this short video, while I was working at the Kay for Gwaalagaa Naay Corporation in 2012. My goal was to show the beautiful place that I worked. This video prompted me to make a longer video which was concluded with the Parenting Program for Haida Child and Family Services. Thank you for watching. Enjoy the video…

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Becoming Haida

I lived in Victoria for 29 years and in that time I established myself as a tailor, artist, web programmer, internet specialist, and the healing arts. For most of my time, I was busy making a living, buying and selling homes, learning life skills, and two long term relationships. During these years, I dreamed of building my own home. Urban life turned out to be just about working with little time […]

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