Yehl, The Raven with Fallen Bill

Long before Frog-Woman had crossed Bering Sea into America and Bear Mother had brought her supernatural offspring into the villages of the Northwest Coast, the world continued in chaos, without light and almost without life, except in the realm of spirits. The Innuit or Eskimo and other prehistoric men, it is true, made their appearance early on the flat face of the earth, but they were to be wiped out […]

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Haida eagle design jacket

I love making comfortable clothes for ease and wear-ability. I would like to experiment with making clothes inspired by oriental style, earthy colours and molded to west coast living. My colours of choice are various shades of blue, deep reds, whites, blacks, rusts, plums, greens and prints in between. These colours compliment one another for elegant combinations. I like to use only the best possible comfort fabrics; cottons, linens, rayons, […]

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Victoria visit

Inner Harbour, Victoria

It is December, a planned visit to Victoria to see friends and Prince in concert. The trip was expensive, but when you have a chance to cross something off your bucket list, you go for it. The concert was a class act, no opening band and when you think about it, who could open for Prince anyway? Seeing a show of this calibre is so different from others, not really […]

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Becoming Haida

I lived in Victoria for 29 years and in that time I established myself as a tailor, artist, web programmer, internet specialist, and the healing arts.¬†For most of my time, I was busy making a living, buying and selling homes, learning life skills, and two long term relationships. During these years, I dreamed of building my own home. Urban life turned out to be just about working with little time […]

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Reflecting and imagining 2012

After almost two years in Haida Gwaii, and reflecting, trying to imagine what comes in 2012. 2011 was dedicated to house designing and building. The first part of 2012 will be to finish up the mechanics inside and decorating… the fun stuff. I put up with wet, windy weather, hurricanes, and a bit of snow for the last few months, but I persevered. On the positive side, I will forget […]

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