Deepening spirituality, or learning a brand new idea or practice intrigues me.

I connect to the earth in the deepest way, with feet firmly planted. With eyes wide open, I view the world through the eyes of knowledge, letting wisdom branch outward.

Focuses inward to find truth and center, and listens quietly to the ancient wisdom of the animals.

Desires to manifest change in the world, to live a simpler life.

Having inner knowledge known as intuition, a way of knowing that is unexplainable. Interested in formalizing ancient wisdom in a way that can be expressed and more easily shared with people.

Always prepared to learn something new, by dedicating to a program of study or reading books of many different subjects, and sometimes just reading a novel for the fun of it. This and much more interests me, music, being creative, the nature, travel, bunnies, birds, health, being physical, and home comforts because I love my home… and the beach.

Bonanza Beach

West Coast of Haida Gwaii

Bonanza Beach

Sandy beach, Rennell Sound

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  1. Stephany, you are very intriguing . ( thank god for spell check). You are further down a road that I am just starting on. I’m not used to being around people with such deep beautiful thoughts. Although I believe I am insightful , I’m still not living it right. But your words have struck a chord with me. I can’t imagine how magical it must be to live where you do, somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit . I also have a beyond insane love of nature and music. Just a simple piece of driftwood, or the first brisk winds of fall can make me so high . If you would ever like to chat about life, music, travel or the excitement of constantly growing and learning, please give me a call. Anytime in the evening, later the better. Take care, Craig.

  2. So noted. Thank you for your kind words.

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