Haida Culture

The Weeping Totem of Tanu

The Weeping Totem Pole stands on the Islands of Tanu in the Queen Charlotte group and is about a hundred years old. It shows a figure of a man shedding streams of tears. This is knows as the Weeping Totem Pole of Tanu. The legend of the Weeping Totem of Tanu was told long before the white man came. When Chief Always-Laughs ruled the people of the Northern Isle of […]

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Yehl, The Raven with Fallen Bill

Long before Frog-Woman had crossed Bering Sea into America and Bear Mother had brought her supernatural offspring into the villages of the Northwest Coast, the world continued in chaos, without light and almost without life, except in the realm of spirits. The Innuit or Eskimo and other prehistoric men, it is true, made their appearance early on the flat face of the earth, but they were to be wiped out […]

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