Clothing design

Eagle jacket

I created this jacket with an eagle design on the back and front of a very large collar. This was my first attempt at drawing Haida art for clothing. I thought it was rather mundane, and it hung in the closet for about a year before I even wore it. I designed both the Haida art and the jacket style. Made from 100% wool for the jacket and cashmere for […]

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Butterfly Design Blazer

This butterfly design was created for my long time friend from Victoria, BC. The artist is Rick Adkins from Vancouver BC. My friend Judy Heide, also from Victoria, constructed the blazer, and I created the butterfly template and stitched the design onto the garment. The jacket is made from cashmere fabric, worn by Carol. Pictures taken in Vancouver BC at Fred Davis’s art show, and in Washington, DC

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Vest design for Bernie Shaw

Bernie Shaw

I started making clothing art design in the early 1990’s, and continued with it very sparingly until 2003. This vest is one of the last pieces that I made for Bernie Shaw, called “Waking up the night”. This design was inspired by Bernie’s powerful voice, and one of the first songs I heard him sing called “Rain”. The design is a mirrored human figure representing Bernie on either side of […]

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Haida eagle design jacket

I love making comfortable clothes for ease and wear-ability. I would like to experiment with making clothes inspired by oriental style, earthy colours and molded to west coast living. My colours of choice are various shades of blue, deep reds, whites, blacks, rusts, plums, greens and prints in between. These colours compliment one another for elegant combinations. I like to use only the best possible comfort fabrics; cottons, linens, rayons, […]

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