Stephany Pryce - Haida Artist

Stephany Pryce – Haida Artist

Stephany Pryce got involved in Haida Art in the early 90’s. The interest  began while spending time with Bill Reid in the past, and Fred Davis, who provided Stephany’s first art design. These two people helped to motivate her to dive deeper into learning to draw Haida designs.

Moving back to Haida Gwaii in 2010, after a 29 year stint in Victoria, BC was a bold move. Leaving behind a secure job, a condominum close to work, and a lifetime of friends there.  This decision came after much contemplation. But this place called Haida Gwaii provides a multitude of inspiration in a remote, unique, and tranquil setting…all it takes to be inspired is to look out the window.
Recently Stephany took brief drawing courses with teacher Ben Davidson, Robert Davidson’s son. This really gave her a push to get moving on drawing her own designs for textile art, and to keep at it. Brother Randy Pryce has been supportive in her work to date, an artist of long standing. Further prompting Stephany to be innovative in the art, stems from reading the book Steve Jobs, one of the greatest innovators of our time. The motivation here can be as much or as little as a person could choose to be.
The actual technique for the art is appliqued fabric, similar to quilting application. Up until 2007 the art pieces created were wall-hangings, clothing with designs, and button blankets out of wools, cashmeres, ultra suede, and shell buttons embellishments.
The latest innovation for Stephany is making art pieces that are appliqued to blend cotton quilting fabrics with ultra suede in much the same way previous pieces were created. This style of work is uncommon. The motivation to create pieces like this is to blend well with the home decor, using quilting colors to enhance the traditional black, red, green and navy colors that are used to create Haida Art.
The Haida Designs are about as close to the actual animal depicted in the pieces so it is not difficult to determine what it is. The works are delicately created to show a more feminine or softer side to the design, which creates interest.
The resurgence of getting back into the art started in December of 2013, a little later than was expected due to life circumstances.

At this time I am not providing any services to the general public because I have a full time job. I make projects on my own time and sell my artwork locally. So this site only serves as a means to share my creativity.

I would suggest to contact other artists via the internet for custom design work. Good luck!

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