A brief family history

Stephany Pryce:  Born in Haida Gwaii  (Queen Charlotte Is.) Eagle Clan

Crests: Frog, Raven, Eagle, Grizzly, Killer Whale, Flicker Bird and Clouds The number of crests I can use are affiliated with chieftainship on both sides of the family.
Master CarverNorman Price, Father 1926 – 2012,  Raven Clan  Born on the remote island of Hippa, on the West Coast of the Charlottes. His father was Jimmy Jones and was adopted to acquire the Price name. During his last year of school, at age 11, he learned carving from Charles Gladstone. His preference is to carve argillite and cedar totem poles with crests: beaver, bear, raven, eagle and grizzly.
He is credited to carving the Skidegate totem pole that stands proudly at the Haida Heritage Centre at the canoe shed. You can clearly recognize his pole by the lack of paint, which he says “poles were not painted” and the copper shield that adorns the pole was dedicated to his brother Clarence Jones, who died several years before he did. The elders of Skidegate are dwindling to a select few, and included is his only surviving brother, Roy Jones Sr.
He is also credited to the Skidegate Haida Immersion Program which he was a part of for 11 years, and his contribution was his extensive knowledge of the Haida language, and he loved to speak the language. His family and friends are numerous, too many to mention.

Randy Price, Brother:  Eagle Clan  He has carved argillite pipes and free forms, all of which are in private collections. He currently carves gold jewellery and cedar masks.

Master CarverCharles Gladstone 1878 – 1954, Great Uncle  Charles Gladstone was the grandfather of Bill Reid and brother to Louis Collinson. He was born in Skidegate and his main crest utilized was the dogfish. He was close to well-known artist, Charles Edenshaw, of Masset. He was one of the best carvers of wood and argillite in addition to being an excellent silversmith.

In Solitary Raven: The Essential Writings of Bill Reid, that he did not imagine himself to be anything other than White Anglo Saxon Protestant until his teens, and that Haida culture and its art held no sway over him prior to his first adult visit to Haida Gwaii when he was 23 and met his maternal grandfather, Charles Gladstone, in Skidegate.

It was not until 1954, at Charles Gladstone’s funeral in Skidegate, for which Reid wrote and broadcast a eulogy on the CBC, that a Haida component of Reid’s personality emerged. On that trip he was introduced to the work of Haida master carver Charles Edenshaw (Daxhiigang), who lived between 1839 and 1920 and who is considered the greatest Haida artist in memory, the man who brought the millennia-old classical northern West Coast visual art and carving tradition to its fullest bloom while weathering the collision of Haida and European civilizations. Reid completed a Haida silver bracelet that Charles Gladstone had begun, and produced, with this act, his first piece of Haida art.

Louis Collinson

Louis Collinson – Hereditory Chief Skidegate

Louis Collinson 1881 – 1970, Great Grandfather 
He was the chief of Skidegate until his death in 1070. In the 1940’s he was considered one of top three argillite sculptors alongside William Dixon and Charles Edenshaw. The curio trade preferred his art, which consists mainly of totems. Medicine men are attributed to him as well as Bear Mother. Pieces such as smoking pipes would be found in the Deasy and McKay collections.
Louis Collinson (sometimes also recorded as Lewis Collinson or Collison) was a chief of Skidegate from the Eagle Clan. He was also known as Tom Collinson. He was a prolific carver in argillite (poles, figurines) and in wood and silver. His poles are usually deeply carved and his figures usually begin close to the back of the pole.

Chief SkidegateClarence Dempsey Collinson, Uncle:  Eagle Clan  The ceremonial naming of Chief Skidegate was done by Albert Jones with the words, I give Clarence Collinson the name Chief Skidegate as requested by his grandfather, Chief Louis Collinson, before his death in February 1971.

On March 23, 1973, he became the first Haida in this century to renew the ancient tradition of publicly proclaiming the event through a potlatch.
He then dedicated his whole heart and soul to serving Skidegate, and everyone that knew him understood his acceptance of people of all walks of life. He touched many, too numerous to name. His family values were strong and is evidenced by his loyalties to his wife, children and grandchildren and finally his great grandchildren. There is a void in this great land of Haida Gwaii by his transformation to the spirit world… he is surely missed.

Acknowledgements:  Argillite by Douglas Wilson and Haida Carvers by M. Barbeau

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