Since moving to Haida Gwaii I discovered abilities I did not know I had, and I partly attribute to the spiritual place I reside and having no distractions around me, and listening more to my intuition.

In September 2012 I had several premonitions of the oncoming earthquake. The premonition was audio, I heard the warning four times over the month of September. I had household items stored in the house I was building, and unconsciously I moved all heavy items from high up to floor level. I did not question this in my mind, I just did it. Since I was new to receiving premonitions I wasn’t sure of what I was hearing, and when the earthquake came, it became clear. I began to feel this uneasy energy in my stomach before each oncoming aftershock, and once they came, I felt relief.

On the nights of the earthquake and aftershocks I felt like my nerves were on edge, and I could not sleep. I did not understand this until later on that I was experiencing empathic life occurances of others. I was affected by other people’s energies, and have the intuitive ability to feel and perceive others. Now when I am in a situation when I am affected by others and I can not relax I have to figure out how to not take on so much of others energies so I can relax in stressful times. So my friend suggested that I imagine myself diving into a pool of water, and it seems to help.

I would welcome comments from others who have these abilities so I can understand better, and help others in difficult times.

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