Artist Statement for piece called “Twilight”

Working with Fabrics for this art piece was a process of delicately piecing together imagery to form creative Haida art design with quilting appliqué techniques.

There are many uncertainties with textile art. Sewing visualizations can often change in the creation process. The enjoyment in that is there are no boundaries and this allows for a certain fluidity to the art.

This combining of fabrics, the appliqué techniques and native arts may be breaking the traditional rules of the art form, but change is inevitable to create a desirable intent. This is the first of many projects of this medium that can be expected.


Haida design Blue Heron

The Heron was created with a prehistoric feel to it. I utilized non-traditional colours rather than using red, black and blues. I create what feels right at the time. I will post a full image of the wall hanging in the future.

The art piece was first presented in an art show in Haida Gwaii, and received full merit points for construction, design and design flow, and balance.

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