Haida Heritage Centre

Haida Heritage Centre at Kay Llnagaay, Skidegate, Haida Gwaii BC.

I experimented with making this short video, while I was working at the Kay for Gwaalagaa Naay Corporation in 2012. My goal was to show the beautiful place that I worked. This video prompted me to make a longer video which was concluded with the Parenting Program for Haida Child and Family Services. Thank you for watching.

Enjoy the video…

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4 replies

  1. Nice Stephanie, hope your work is going well! Give me a shout, I may have some work for you….since you do such a nice job!

  2. Wow, Stephany, this is beautiful and very moving. Especially for me tonight because I am thinking a lot about Haida Gwaii those days, don’t know why exactly but I feel the impatience to come back . Music, pictures, laughters, peace and harmony , everything is in your video. Who is playing the music? Thanks a lot Stephany for that nice gift!
    What are you doing at the Haida Heritage Centre?
    Love and Northern Lights from the Yukon

    • Hi,
      It has been quite a while since I been on word press, sorry about the late reply. The music is part of a collection, not too sure who it is.. the music just has a generic name that is called electronic chill. I am so happy that it has brought joy to you, and it brings back good feelings of Haida Gwaii. Does that mean you will come back in the summer?