Victoria visit

It is December, a planned visit to Victoria to see friends and Prince in concert. The trip was expensive, but when you have a chance to cross something off your bucket list, you go for it. The concert was a class act, no opening band and when you think about it, who could open for Prince anyway? Seeing a show of this calibre is so different from others, not really much to compare it to… I went to see Maceo Parker at a club in Victoria, which was one of the best shows I attended before I actually seen Prince live. Maceo played for 3 hours straight, and I never sat down for that time, I had to have someone bring me water. That kind of energy is what these two artists are about, they love to play, and it shows.

My completed bucket list so far

  1. Prince
  2. Maceo Parker
  3. Inxs – with Michael Hutchence
  4. Israel
  5. Australia; The Great Barrier Reef
  6. Hawaii 2 x
  7. Britain/Scotland

My wish list:

  1. Ninstints – Gwaii Haanas National Park
  2. Germany
  3. Prague
  4. Scotland for a complete visit
Inner Harbour, Victoria

Inner Harbour, downtown Victoria

Festival 150, Victoria BC

Inner Harbour, Parliament Buildings, Festival 150

Beacon Hill, Victoria

Beacon Hill Park, Victoria BC

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