Reflecting and imagining 2012

After almost two years in Haida Gwaii, and reflecting, trying to imagine what comes in 2012. 2011 was dedicated to house designing and building. The first part of 2012 will be to finish up the mechanics inside and decorating… the fun stuff. I put up with wet, windy weather, hurricanes, and a bit of snow for the last few months, but I persevered. On the positive side, I will forget about all of these problems in the near future. And, I guess that I would not get much done if it was sunny out there! The beach would be calling me, every day…

Picture this, looking out the eastern side of my studio, ocean views with ever greens to block the force of the winds in the winter. The moon rises on this elevation of the house,
the sunrises and passes over throughout the morning. The southern window creates a lot of natural light for working, and the stairwell up to the studio has a window facing the road. The wood stove will be perfectly warm for those cold days…;-)

I am looking forward to being more creative in the future. I have a few ideas for Regalia, and wearable art clothing. I want to move forward to the time that I can start on my intended projects. Patience, patience!

The aspect of living and working in my home brings me back to my first few years in Victoria. If I had a lot of garments to construct, I would work from 7:00 in the morning to 2:00 in the am. This working schedule went on for days until I finished my projects. I loved this work, it is very satisfying to create clothing that is both function-able and comfortable. Sewing is therapeutic, I forget everything and nothing else matters. This is what I was intended to do in life.

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