Becoming Haida

I lived in Victoria for 29 years and in that time I established myself as a tailor, artist, web programmer, internet specialist, and the healing arts. For most of my time, I was busy making a living, buying and selling homes, learning life skills, and two long term relationships.

During these years, I dreamed of building my own home. Urban life turned out to be just about working with little time for feeding my soul, especially for the last five years in Victoria. A trip to Haida Gwaii in June of 2009 confirmed my desire to move home. Touching down in Sandspit took my breath away, it was a beautiful hot day, on the beach there was a fire, horses, and the suns rays glistened on the ocean. It reminded me of a tropical place for a moment when I forgot where I was.

I love the natural beauty of the Misty Isles, beach combing while walking through the pleasantly warm ocean, forest hikes, communing with nature in the rawest form. Sitting beside the fire on a full moon or the solstice is very calming. Listening to the birds, and noticing how many creatures I come across in a day is a game I like to play. Now to me, this is life that I like to live.

My interest is to learn everything that is connected to my Haida Culture. The collection of materials for weaving would blend well with my textile art, and I am sure I can find a way to incorporate it into the art pieces. For most of my life I have healed with plants from nature, and tried to lean more towards fixing health issues, rather than masking them, to get to the root of the problem. The Haida’s utilize the local plants for that purpose, and I would like to become that knowledgeable.

It is so quiet at home that I can hear my rabbit sigh! In this place of serenity made me realize how much the city distracts. The noise blocks you from learning how to tap into your natural powers of intuition and listening to your ancestors.

March 30th is the anniversary of the arrival to the Misty Isles, and since that first day it proved to be a challenge, personally. Now that I have moved passed the difficulties, I couldn’t be happier here. Supportive relatives and family helped to make the transition easier. Now it is time to move forward to the next chapter…;-)

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