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Haida design beaverCurrently Haida Designs is in transition… This is what you have to look forward to…. I am changing my online presence from a traditional web site to a blog format in Word Press. The URL is the same as before: http://www.haidadesigns.com. This change makes it easier for me to make new posts from any computer, rather than going into an html editor program, and uploading the files to a server as for a traditional web site.
I will be creating works for art shows and gift shops but will stop offering design work to the general public. This change is due to having a full time job, and just busy with my home life. I do not have the flexibility to work at the art whenever I would like, so I cannot make commitments for custom design orders.

However, you can enjoy what I have posted and I would love to hear from you, so feel free to comment.



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  1. Great Blog Stephanie, you have taken a great deal of care and time. I look forward to following you along on you journey! so glad you are my neighbour and I hope we may one day be creative together!

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