Clothing vest design for Bernie Shaw

I started making clothing art design in the early 1990’s, and continued with it very sparingly until 2003. This vest is one of the last pieces that I made for Bernie Shaw, called “Waking up the night”. This design was inspired by Bernie’s powerful voice, and one of the first songs I heard him sing called “Rain”. The design is a mirrored human figure representing Bernie on either side of […]

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On collecting fabric…

Fabrics with rings

Over the years I have purchased fabric from all the major fabric stores in the lower mainland. When I go in search of notions, I cannot leave the store without looking at the fabrics. Of course I always find something interesting that I cannot leave the store without. The fabric does not necessarily have a project in mind, I just buy enough to make something to match the type of […]

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Haida Heritage Centre

Haida Heritage Centre at Kay Llnagaay, Skidegate, Haida Gwaii BC. I experimented with making this short video, while I was working at the Kay for Gwaalagaa Naay Corporation in 2012. My goal was to show the beautiful place that I worked. This video prompted me to make a longer video which was concluded with the Parenting Program for Haida Child and Family Services. Thank you for watching. Enjoy the video…

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Around 1860, the Haida ancestors suffered at the hand of outsiders, when small pox was brought from Victoria to the Queen Charlotte Islands. Ninety percent of the population was wiped out. In 1884 the Canadian Government outlawed the potlatch and along with it went the culture. Items associated with potlatches such as bowls, ladles, masks, headdresses and all dance regalia were no longer needed. Artists died without passing on their […]

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