Let the beauty you love be what you do. Letting go of what was holding me back from life makes me feel so much lighter. I am looking to connect with like minded people….;-) Sometimes the simplest wisdom is the hardest to acknowledge–like the fact that pleasure and joy can be beneficial to your health. When mystical poets such as Rumi and Kabir use objects of beauty and delight, like […]

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Since moving to Haida Gwaii I discovered abilities I did not know I had, and I partly attribute to the spiritual place I reside and having no distractions around me, and listening more to my intuition. In September 2012 I had several premonitions of the oncoming earthquake. The premonition was audio, I heard the warning four times over the month of September. I had household items stored in the house I […]

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Sea Monster Wall Hanging


The sea monster was my very first drawing in Haida art. I did not practice or take any drawing courses before attempting this piece. It was challenging as it was a huge piece and I basically had to figure out how to construct the hanging from start to finish, taking into consideration of drawing for the “first” time, making a template, cutting out a design from the thickness of melton […]

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Eagle jacket


I created this jacket with an eagle design on the back and front of a very large collar. This was my first attempt at drawing Haida art for clothing. I thought it was rather mundane, and it hung in the closet for about a year before I even wore it. I designed both the Haida art and the jacket style. Made from 100% wool for the jacket and cashmere for […]

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